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Ascension: Violating Our Trust

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Ascension Health recently settled with nurses at St. John Hospital in Detroit for over $13.5 million.  The nurses sued Ascension’s St. John Hospital and other area hospitals for violating anti-trust laws by conspiring over a five-year period to keep nurses’ wages artificially low.

If Ascension conspires to pay as little as possible to nurses – the hard-working women and men who care for ill patients at bedsides night and day – what else might they be capable of?  So it’s no surprise that they’re trying to cut patient care and retiree health care at Genesys Medical Center.

If you don’t think this outrageous behavior is appropriate for the largest Catholic hospital chain in the country, you can take action to send them a letter by clicking here.  The licensed nurses, techs, EMTs and paramedics in Flint need your support!


A Letter to the Archbishop

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Ascension Health has been making cuts to direct patient care at Genesys Medical Center in Flint, Michigan. You can read here a letter sent to the Archbishop of Detroit by Karen Matts, a licensed nurse formerly at Genesys.

Even though the Catholic Church teaches a commitment to labor and workers’ rights, the Church has been silent on Ascension’s treatment of its workers.

Karen’s moving letter states, “Just because corporate America has become unethical and amoral, why does Ascension have to follow suit? Many of us have devoted our entire lives to an organization that has now lost its humanity.”

You can read the entire letter here.