Money Can’t Buy a Clean Conscience

Ascension Health is the largest Catholic non-profit health system in America. It owns Genesys Regional Medical Center in Flint, Michigan. Ascension has paid huge amounts to settle Justice Department and labor board charges in just the last year alone.

First, Genesys paid $1 million for wrongfully firing its clinical engineers.

Then, Genesys settled two charges by the U.S. Department of Justice – first for $669,000 and then for $931,000 – for overbilling Medicare. This kind of fraud takes money from the Medicare program and leads to higher premiums for seniors. Several other Ascension hospitals have paid over $2.5 million in settlements to the DOJ in the last year as well.

And now, Ascension’s St. John Hospital in Detroit has recently settled with nurses for over $13.5 million. The nurses sued Ascension and other area hospitals for violating anti-trust laws by conspiring over a five-year period to keep nurses’ wages artificially low.

$18.6 million in just one year? This is money that is not going towards improving health care in our communities. And now Ascension has the nerve to get $1.3 billion in tax-exempt bonds from Michigan as well.


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