Genesys’ Mother's Day Gift to New Moms: Cutting Nurses

At Genesys Regional Medical Center, licensed practical nurses take care of new moms and their babies. But Genesys wants to do away with all these nurses.

Genesys also wants to take away employees’ health care and pension when they retire.

Registered nurses and doctors at Genesys signed a petition asking management not to cut these vitally important nurses.

This petition was sent to GRMC management on May 6, 2010:

We, the Registered Nurses of the Family Birthing Center, feel our licensed practical nurses are a great asset to the care of the moms and babies.

The licensed practical nurses have a wide range of knowledge and expertise.

They are a valuable asset to our team. In the Well Baby Nursery the procedures they do every day are extremely helpful to us. We really do not want to lose our licensed practical nurses!


Registered Nurses and Doctors at the Genesys Family Birthing Center

You can click here to send a letter to tell Genesys and tell them: Don’t Put New Moms and Babies at Risk!


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