When Ascension Blocks Benefits, Is It Cause for Celebration?

Unemployment benefits are meant to provide help to those who have become unemployed through no fault of their own, such as layoffs. Not only do these benefits help the individual, they also help the community because payments to unemployed workers put additional funds into the economy.

Ascension Genesys has been fighting unemployment benefits for former employees in the Flint, Michigan area – a region that is in dire need of economic help.

Genesys has also apparently been celebrating when these workers’ unemployment claims are denied. Managers have been sending each other electronic messages each time a claim is denied. One such message sent last month read, “Good job – we won the employment hearing for [name redacted].”

Another message sent from one manager to another read, “We won the [name redacted] hearing! You are 100%. Thanks for all your help!”

During the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, it is disturbing to see management at a faith-based hospital so readily rejoice and congratulate its managers for denying unemployment claims and blocking benefits. You can take action to send a letter to Genesys and its parent company, Ascension Healthclick here to send them a letter asking them to stop hurting Flint’s workers and Flint’s economy.


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